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If you are reading this page, you have probably tried to improve your language skills, to get connected with a culture, or eager to get to know people. Yet, you have not succeeded to overcome these three challenges: language, culture and social connections, which are faced by many people when moving into to a new city / a new country, starting a new job, or in a new journey.


We have those experiences lived. With lessons learned, we want to help you to overcome those challenges as quickly as possible. This is the motivation that propels us to bring this site to life, so that language practices, as well as culture and social connections are easily available to you in your daily life, and as such you could move on quicker to pursue your desired career and your desired life. Through this site, as soon as you arrive, we help you to be part of the local community, in which you live and work or in which you intend for a short stay.


Whether for a cup of coffee together in a café on the corner or to practice a language with mother tongue speakers, we want to give you easier access to connect to people. We want to create true contacts among people, by meeting them face to face.


Details are thought through and worked out during years of hard work, and we can now be here to welcome you to be part of us, our native speakers’ network


With you together, we help each other and bring well-beings to each other, and in return we get our place in our local community with better master of the local language and the local culture, as well as with more local social connections. We hope, together with you, we could bring more harmony to our society, so each of us would live and work in the way we wish and we deserve.


We are the team.